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An escort service is there to provide attractive and charming company for its clients. The better the escort service, the better it is at matching what the client wants with the escort that is recommended…

Escort Service in Spain

We bring you the best escorts in Marbella, Puerto Banus and the Costa Del Sol. We then offer the friendliest and most professional service. That’s it. Nothing complicated, just lovely sexy escorts and nice people!

Marbella Escort Service – The Best Escorts Marbella Has To Offer

We interview all our Marbella escorts personally and make sure that they have the right mix of stunning looks and great personality that discerning gentlemen are looking for. We also pride ourselves on our honesty. We have the best escorts Marbella can offer. So the escorts you see on this website are the escort girls who will meet you! No selecting a tall brunette and having a curvy blonde arrive when you are dealing with us!

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Please give us your contact details below and we will arrange for you to meet the perfect Marbella escort for you. Your information will be treated with complete confidentiality.

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If you would like to meet one of our Marbella escort service girls then take your time and browse through for the details of the best Escort Marbella offers you. Once you have selected the Marbella escort of your choice please give our friendly team a call on +34 673 627 076. We are happy to answer any questions you have and confirm your reservation.

2nd Circle Marbella promises you:

Total discretion, honesty and privacy. About everything. Always. In all circumstances.

Getting The Most From A Marbella Escort Service

An escort service is there to provide attractive and charming company for its clients. The better the escort service, the better it is at matching what the client wants with the escort that is recommended…

The alternative term for an escort service is escort agency and the terms are pretty much interchangeable. But an escort service is absolutely not the same as a brothel! A brothel’s sole purpose is to supply people (normally women) for sex.

An escort service provides escorts for companionship. The fee charged by the escort service on behalf of the escort is solely for time and companionship. Any sex that does occur is a voluntary activity between consenting adults, it is not an integral part of the escort service or the job of the escort.

People who are not directly involved in the escort service industry usually think that this is a semantic trick, a distinction with no difference. It isn’t. Do escorts working with an escort service have sex with clients? Yes. But does every escort working with an escort service have sex with every client on every booking that the escort service gives them? Absolutely not.

A lot of the work for an escort service in Marbella is in stroking the male client’s ego rather than any part of their anatomy! The job of the escort service is to supply exactly the right Marbella escort for the occasion to make the client look and feel good. An escort service is to work out which escort working with the escort service will be right for the client.

A common request for an escort service is to provide an escort for a social event. But the smart escort service knows that what they are really being asked for is an escort who will make the client look good to their friends, colleagues or clients!


So a good escort service, certainly an escort service that wants repeat business, will be able to come up with the right suggestions. A request to an escort service for girls to escort Marbella clients to a two-day pool party at a villa is a totally different requirement to a dinner date with business associates at a 5 star hotel!

So if you are contacting a Marbella escort service, give them as much information as you can about what you are looking for. Not just the physical characteristics, but the personality and the type of event and location. The more you tell the escort service, and the more honest you are about your requirements, the better they will be able to match your requirements.

The basic rule of getting the best from an escort service is simple. Tell the escort service too much rather than too little and don’t be afraid to ask questions! The good escort service will to match your requirements. A bad escort service just wants to get their girls out as much as possible. By having a chat you will soon be able to work out who you are dealing with!


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