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Golf Swing Tips

  1. Let us start with balance, which is the basis of everything else. If you move back on your heels or forward on your toes during the swing, your hands and body will try to compensate in some way to get to get the club head to the ball. That will then change all kinds of things in your swing for the worse. You can not fix any other flaw or issue in your swing until you are in balance while you swing. When you want to improve the best and strongest (not easiest!) thing to do is to start by doing something harder than your desired end result. Swinging a club while standing on a foam roller is a heck of a lot harder than swinging while your feet are solidly on the ground. If you can remain in balance while on the roller, you can easily do it while on the ground.

  2. For consistency, the key is to work on a one piece take away. We want the hands and the body to work completely in synch. You do not want to be too hands oriented because then you under utilise your body, which means that you do not get much power and have a lot less control of the club. Which is important on the courses around Marbella. You want to start moving the club with your shoulders or your chest, not with your hands. Hand players do not produce power and they certainly do not produce consistency.topless escort woman golfer

  3. Practise your tempo. By which I mean slow it down! It is almost impossible for you to swing too slowly. Swinging in tempo lets your hands and body square the club face to the proper line. It also lets your body shift its weight in the right sequence to deliver maximum power.

  4. Now relax and let go. Remember, a perfect golf swing is not vertical, as though using an axe. Nor is it horizontal or flat. An ideal golf swing follows a slightly tilted circle. When you swing along that path, you achieve more consistent, powerful and accurate results.

  5. Now that you have a solid swing, the main thing is too forget about all the mechanics so that you do not get too caught up in them. If you think about each piece too much you get robotic and try to produce a perfect move, which creates tension. Tension is the enemy of the golf swing. Start behind the ball. Visualising the the shot that you want to hit, walk up to the ball until you see the curvature and height of the ball flight, as well as the target. When you are ready, take a step toward the ball and take a breath in. Then one out, which releases the tension as a sniper would. Then step up to the ball, check the club face for alignment, set your body to the club. Take your grip last because doing so earlier will create tension through your preparation. If you grip it earlier. Then waggle and go.