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No es sólo acerca de la apariencia

The best and most wealthy escorts in the world are good looking but they have something more important than just beauty. The best top end international call girls have two big talents that the average prostitute does not. The first skill is that they know how to manipulate men. The second is that the very best and most wealthy prostitutes actually adore sex. When a woman likes make love with men, los hombres sabrán que. Women who like to fuck are sure to be more popular as sex partners than women who do not enjoy sex. Certainly women can pretend to be having a good time in bed more easily than a man can. But unconsciously men know when a woman is really enjoying herself and they will pay more for that experience.

Una mujer que le gusta mucho el sexo siempre hacer buen dinero como prostituta profesional de alta clase. Los hombres siempre saben cuando una mujer está disfrutando del sexo. Si lo saben conscientemente o no, los hombres siempre saben cuando una mujer se hace pasar a disfrutar del sexo. Cuando una mujer le gusta mucho el sexo con hombres, que el hombre será casi seguro que quieren más tiempo con ella. Y cuando la mujer es quien acompañantes de Leeds clientes como un alto acompañantes de primera clase, cuando un hombre quiere más tiempo con ella que significa más dinero para la mujer. En la industria del sexo, más tiempo es más dinero. Si usted es una puta, disfrutar del sexo es la mejor manera de hacer más dinero.

I used to make a lot of money when I was a whore. I made a lot of money while I was working as a prostitute and the main reason was not my beauty. The main reason I was so successful and became so rich as an international and very exclusive call girl is that sex is my passion. Siempre he tenido mucho sexo y realmente disfrutar de ella. Having sex is my hobby and I found a way of turning my hobby into a very rewarding job. My clients all knew that I was not pretending about enjoying sex with them. Most normal men want to have sex with a woman who is enjoying it.

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