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Puddles is sick and it sucks. OK let us back up a bit. Who is Puddles?

So here goes. I have 2 dogs – Ralph and Puddles. Ralph is a Chinese crested powered puff. Its the breed that has no fur. Well he does. Every so often one s born with fur and that is my little Ralph. He goes pretty much everywhere with me while I am housesitting in Coin. He is not really good at being a dog, not good at chasing sticks or saying woof, he says ralph ralph, hence his name but he is a very cute loyal best friend.


My other pooch is Puddles. I found her in a puddle in my local wood. She had not long ago had puppies, her fur was matted and she was “ dog tired” and covered in mud. She looked more dead than alive. Ralph es quien realmente la encontró,en. He ran to her puddle and would not leave. So she came home with us. She crawled on her belly to the car and I lifted her in the rest as they say is history. I did try to find an owner but no one came forward and she is not chipped. And I have to say I am really rather glad. When I checked her with the vet it seems that she also has shotgun pellets in her flank. Poor Puddles.

So I got a Puddles. She is warm and friendly, she has big brown eyes black curly fur with hints of chocolate a soft belly made for tickling. She has lots of love in her little heart and after a “ bit of a hard time” I think she feels safe and happy.

But now she is sick. Her back legs have stopped working. El veterinario dice que son sus tendones y esperamos que mejore,en. She needs a lot of rest and she seems to be on the mend. Not that it matters we will love her just the same no matter if she walks or shuffles.

I love my Puddles she is part of my very funny furry family and I am sure that you have pets that you love very much too. If I were to go away I have a support network to look after her no matter what. The question is, however, do you? Wendy house sitting is the perfect answer I am happy to look after all of your pets no matter if they are a little different.


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