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sexy golfThe Costa del Sol absolutely lives up to its alternative name; the Costa del Golf. From the elegant glory of the legendary Valderama to the relaxing leisure of a course like Los Arqueros, the area from Elviria to Sotogrande is rightly famous amongst golfers. The whole area is usually brought together under the catch all name of Marbella.

Marbella is well known as the perfect getaway for golf enthusiasts from Northern Europe. What’s not to like about somewhere that has 320 days of sunshine every year and where January feels like a perfect British spring? Especially when it has so many golf courses and leisure resources available in such a small area!

Marbella has hotels for golfers, bars for golfers and, of course, escort agencies for golfers and golf tours! It sometimes seems as though the whole of Marbella is geared up to look after golfers, whether they are individuals, groups or large parties enjoying the golf of the Costa del Sol.

There are many airport collection services, golf tour and booking companies who will arrange everything on your behalf and hotels to suit all budgets from the economical to the astronomical!

lady golf 1And then there is the entertainment and nightlife to allow you and your friends to unwind after the stresses of 36 holes.

Whatever your taste in restaurants, bars or entertainment, you will find it in Marbella. The most famous locale is the Marina in Puerto Banus, which is well known for the luxury yachts and cars on the “front line”, where you will find people partying in Sinatras, News Cafe and some fantastic bars and clubs. And then there is the debauchery of the “second line” where a normal Friday night will see things that would have made Caligula blush…

But spread your search a little further and you will find much more on offer (at much lower prices!). The marina at Marbella has fewer super-yachts but far more cool bars with a relaxed feel that stay open till dawn and are filled with great people. Even as little as 400m from Puerto Banus you will find venues like La Sala filled with welcoming locals dressed to impress and music and live acts that will blow your hair back.

And then, of course, there are the ladies, Marbella’s other main attraction. Escorting is entirely legal in Spain and very open, which is often a shock to golfers on their first trip to the Costa del Sol. There are advertisements for Marbella escorts everywhere and a bewildering range of services on offer; some of which even we had to look up!

But the reality is that golf and escorts in Marbella are a perfect fit. What better way to finish your day than to treat yourself to the company of a breathtakingly gorgeous lady, away from the stresses and pressures of your day-to-day life? Golf tours in Marbella often make arrangements for the company of particular escorts before they arrive to ensure that the ladies of their choice are available.

As with most things, there is often a difference between what is easily available and what you really want, which is where we come in!

ladiesAs the premier escort agency for golf parties and golfers in Marbella, we pride ourselves on representing the most beautiful, charming and sensual companions. But we also pride ourselves on making the right recommendations to give you the perfect match, helping you really relax during your golf holiday in Marbella.

Here are a few links to help you plan the perfect golf tour. But obviously, once you have booked your hotel and tee times, contact us!



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