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Getting to Marbella from Malaga Airport


When you exit the arrivals at Malaga airport the booth selling bus tickets for Avanza is directly in front of you. The bus stops are also directly in front of you on the roadside, where there are bus stops with seats.

You can book tickets in advance at but to be honest it is a nightmare of a website to use and it is very rarely necessary. Even in the summer it is usually possible to get a seat on the bus you want. If you do use the site you will notice that some one-way tickets are more expensive. These are for the “directo” or express buses that are non-stop and use the toll roads. They are far quicker (in some cases by over an hour!

There is a non-stop bus which goes into Marbella Bus Station. You can also get connections to most Costa del Sol towns (inland and on the coast) from the bus station at Marbella with Avanzabus or Alsa (national buses).

Trains from Malaga Airport travel as far as Fuengirola in one direction (stopping at Torremolinos and Fuengirola) and Malaga City in the other.


The Airport Bus goes direct to Marbella Bus Station via the fast Toll Road. The journey time is 45 minutes and it costs €8,30 single fare which is about the same as the toll road charge during the summer months.

The Airport bus is fantastic value for money. The bus costs €8,30, and even with an additional taxi into Marbella or Puerto Banus at approximately €14,00 it is still a lot cheaper than the €70 taxi fare if there are less than four of you travelling together.

In winter only one bus operates nearly every 2 hours so you may have to wait a long time. In the summer the buses are more frequent. Make sure you join the queue as soon as you have your ticket. Seats are not allocated and having a ticket is no guarantee that you will actually get a seat! I have seen drivers send people back to the ticket office and then drive off without them!


Please check the current timetables as they are prone to change from time to time. The up-to-date schedule can be found here.

Departures from Malaga Airport Departures from Marbella

1st Oct – 30th June Summer
1st July-30th Sept Winter
1st Oct – 30th June Summer
1st July -30th Sept
08:15 07:00 07:15 06:00
10:15 08:15 08:15 07:15
11:30 10:00 09:15 07:45
12:00 10:45 10:15 08:45
12:30 11:30 11:30 09:30
14:15 12:30 13:15 10:15
16:15 13:15 15:15 11:30
18:00 14:15 15:30 12:15
18:50 15:30 17:00 13:15
20:15 16:00 19:15 14:30
22:30 17:45 21:15 15:00
18:45 16:00
20:00 16:45
21:00 17:45
22:00 18:45
23:45 20:00

From Marbella bus station it is then possible to catch buses to most destinations, including Estepona, Granada, Ronda, Gibraltar, Fuengirola and Coin.

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