Escort FAQs

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[tab]Is it Legal?[/tab]
[tab]Yes it’s legal and you are not breaking the law as you are paying for time and companionship. Any sexual activity takes place between consenting adults. Our elite Marbella escorts are all of Legal age and have presented us with documentation to prove it.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]How do I pay?[/tab]
[tab]You can pay by Visa or MasterCard at the time of booking (subject to a surcharge of 10%) or cash directly to the Marbella escort on her arrival at your encounter.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]Are the photos real?[/tab]
[tab]Yes. All of the photos and videos below are real images of current escorts in Marbella. No stock images and absolutely no retouching or Photoshop. For reasons of privacy, some ladies choose not to show their faces on the web, but the gorgeous lady you see here is the same one that you will be lucky enough to meet…[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]Will the Escort visit my hotel /villa/apartment?[/tab]
[tab]Yes. We are happy to arrange for the beautiful and elegant lady of your choice to visit you in your Costa del Sol hotel room without the need to notify reception, or to travel to your private villa or apartment in Marbella and the surrounding areas of the Costa del Sol.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]Can I visit the Escort?[/tab]
[tab]Yes. Situated in a beautiful development within a 5 minute walk of Puerto Banus (even in high heels!) our large and elegant apartment has all the facilities for you to relax, take your time and feel totally at home. Or perhaps better than home, as you will be with the lady of your dreams…yet another reason to visit the Costa del Sol.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]How confidential is this?[/tab]
[tab]Confidentiality and privacy are crucial for both our clients and Marbella and Puerto Banus escorts. We regard it as critical to our service. Your details will never be shared with anyone. Ever.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]When do I pay the Escort?[/tab]
[tab]If paying cash, payment should be made immediately upon meeting your beautiful Marbella escort. If you are meeting in a public place, a sealed envelope is most discreet… Please do not be offended if the lady checks the amount. Everyone makes mistakes and it is worthwhile avoiding confusion later.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]Can I extend the booking?[/tab]
[tab]Yes. Subject to agreement and availability of your Marbella escort. Payment will be expected before the extra time commences.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]What happens if I don’t like the Escort?[/tab]
[tab]It happens, even with the most gorgeous and charming of Marbella escorts. If you let her or us know within the first ten minutes of your encounter, then there will be no charge. Though we think it would be courteous to pay the lady of your choice €50 to cover her out-of-pocket expenses.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]Can I make a request for clothing/costumes?[/tab]
[tab]Yes. Let us know your preferences at the time of booking your Marbella escort. It is very unlikely that we cannot accommodate you.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]Can I talk to the Escort directly?[/tab]
[tab]No. In the same way as we value your privacy, our Marbella and Puerto Banus escorts choose to work with 2nd Circle as we safeguard their confidentiality, and assure them and you of the professionalism and total discretion that we provide.[/tab][/tabs]

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[tab]What if I have to cancel?[/tab]
[tab]These things happen, we understand. All we ask is that you notify us by telephone as soon as possible. If it is very short notice, we think it would be courteous to pay the Marbella escort of your choice €50 to cover her out-of-pocket expenses.[/tab][/tabs]



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