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People who visit Marbella expect glamour, designer style, and bling. And it´s our job to make sure that they get just that from the escorts that they choose to spend time with too! Marbella visitors also demand and require top-notch, world-class levels of customer service. And 2nd Circle is uniquely well equipped to deliver that.

Unlike most escort agencies, the management of 2nd Circle Marbella came to the adult industry deliberately as a business decision , realising that the market, escorts and clients were not being served with the levels of professionalism they deserved.

So from its launch 2nd Circle has been all about delivering top-quality, professional and friendly service. We regard honesty as a given, and respect for both escorts and clients as their right. Its also good business sense. It goes without saying that if clients get the service they are looking for from both the Agency and the escorts that they meet, then they will be happy and visit again.

But the same is also true for the escorts that an Agency represents. More so in Marbella than most places! If the agency doesn’t do the job well, then the best escorts will choose to work with another agency. And we are rightly proud of our record for retaining the loyalty of the ladies that we represent, who work with us season after season.

Whether we are representing you, or placing your business with us, one thing you can be sure of from 2nd Circle is discretion. We regard privacy as essential and we will never breach it or break a confidence. Our reputation is very important to us and that means that you can rely on us to take care of you.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. You can find our Twitter and LinkedIn details below. Also links to our blogs, where we rant and share our thoughts about anything that occurs to us.










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